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Women's Windows

: 2018
Head of organisation
: N.R.Musfika Laiju
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: N.R.Musfika Laiju
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About the organisation

Women’s Windows is a non-profit, non-government feminist organization formally registered with the Department of Women’s Affairs under the Ministry of Women and Children Affairs. All activities of the organization are in line with the guidance provided by the Department of Women’s Affairs of the Government of Bangladesh. Women’s Windows is committed to SRHR, Sustainable Development, Gender Justice, Gender Inclusion, Human Rights, Climate Justice, Peace, Diversity, and Democracy. It also works for the rights of the SOGIESC people, SRHR, mental health, sports, cultural, and educational activities to remove social, religious, cultural, and legal constraints on civic rights and freedom.  It has approximately 500 registered members, 50 active members, and 20 volunteers. It follows the model of Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and Good Governance. We dream of a sustainable, progressive, and just society where everyone will live in peace and prosperity with dignity. It is an apolitical, non-religious, voluntary organization, a self-help group, and a community-based organization (CBO).

SRHR publications/research

Women’s Windows is working for SRHR and the mental health of women, girls, and the SOGIESC population.

Women’s Windows conducted various research on SRHR, especially about menstruation hygiene, CSE, and the effect of climate change on women’s sexual and reproductive health.

Currently, Women’s Windows is working on Sanitary Napkins for Marginalized Women (Use, Production, and Marketing) and also working for the rights of Marginalized Women and Adolescent Girls, Acid Survivors, Human Trafficking Survivors, Sex Workers, Rape Victims, Victims of Child Abuse, Dalit and Indigenous Women, People living with HIV (PLHIV) and SOGIESC/LGBTQIA+/Gender Diverse Community.