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: 2016
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: Ms. Umme Sharmin Kabir
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: Ms. Umme Sharmin Kabir
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About the organisation

Wreetu is a not-for-profit social enterprise working to break period taboo through Comic Book and interactive workshop since 2016 inside and outside Dhaka. Our vision is to build a Period Taboo free Bangladesh involving the adolescent girls, boys, school teachers, parents and other community people. So far, we have conducted 125 workshops in 3 divisions in Bangladesh and served more than 6000 direct and indirect beneficiaries.

About Integrated Model of Involving Social Stakeholders:

To bring a sustainable impact, we engage the girls and their communities. We also empower young adolescents forming Wreetu-Shathi in every school we work and empower them with tools, information and strategies so they can serve their school and community girls with period problems. We connect gynecologists and medical person in this process.

Wreetu Comic Book:

Wreetu Comic Book is an illustrated story book on girls' growing up; from a little girl to an adolescent with contextual presentation, friendly language and cheerful images. This book covers topics starting from all relevant information onset to puberty, physical, psychological and social emotions affect us at that time, biological logics for period or menstruation, healthy period management tools and tips, food habits, physical exercise to relieve period pain and all other significant information on puberty and menstruation.

General Awareness Raising Session & Days Celebration:

We organize one general awareness raising activity in two months where we try to involve civil society and mass people. Taking help of the news media, we spread our messages and share our fights with the world that healthy puberty and period need to be ensured for every girl. Here are some of the news links published on our activities. Apart from these, often we attend TV and Radio program and educate people on this. We also celebrate relevant international days like menstrual hygiene day and such every year to share our messages with public and general people.

SRHR publications/research

We do not have any published research yet but we have several news and features on national dailies, TV and Radio. Here I am sharing some:

Wreetu Aims To Build A Girls’ Health Movement In Bangladesh: An Interview With Sharmin Kabir, Founder and CEO, Wreetu

Our Facebook Page: