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Youth Action For Development

: 2023
Head of organisation
: Montaher Arafat
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: Montaher Arafat
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About the organisation

Youth Action For Development is a youth led organization
Youth Action for Development is a dynamic movement driven by the enthusiasm and passion of young individuals who aspire to make a positive impact on their communities and the world at large. This empowering initiative focuses on harnessing the potential of young people to address pressing social, economic, and environmental challenges.

At its core, Youth Action for Development seeks to instill a sense of responsibility and purpose in the youth, encouraging them to take ownership of their future and actively participate in shaping a better world. Through various programs, projects, and initiatives, young participants are provided with opportunities to develop their leadership skills, foster innovative thinking, and engage in meaningful community service.

The key objectives of Youth Action for Development revolve around
Access to Comprehensive Sexuality Education: Promoting comprehensive sexuality education in schools and communities to equip young people with accurate information about reproductive health, relationships, consent, and contraception. This empowers them to make responsible choices and reduces the risk of unplanned pregnancies and sexually transmitted infections (STIs).
Reproductive Health Services: Advocating for accessible and youth-friendly reproductive health services that cater to the unique needs and concerns of young individuals. This includes providing confidential counseling, contraception options, and STI testing and treatment.
Gender Equality and Empowerment: Addressing gender-based violence and discrimination to ensure equal rights and opportunities for all young people. Empowering young women and girls to make decisions about their own bodies and futures is a crucial aspect of SRHR.

Empowerment: Empowering young people by equipping them with knowledge, resources, and platforms to voice their ideas and take charge of their development.
Sustainable Development: Focusing on sustainable practices and solutions to address pressing issues such as climate change, poverty, and social inequality, thereby ensuring a better future for generations to come.
Education and Skill-building: Promoting education and skill development to enhance employability and foster an entrepreneurial mindset among the youth.
Advocacy and Awareness: Raising awareness about critical societal issues and advocating for positive change through campaigns, workshops, and community outreach.
Collaboration: Encouraging collaboration between youth-led organizations, governments, and other stakeholders to magnify the impact of their collective efforts.

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Due to be a new organization and also we all are student but we have intereste to do something for your community . We don’t have found Our All program was done by our pocket money so we can do that type of activity