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Youth Action for Social Development - YASD

: 2016
Head of organisation
: MD Rukon Ahmed
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: MD Rukon Ahmed
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About the organisation

Youth Action for Social Development (YASD) is a youth-led non-profit organization, working toward achieving SDG 5 (Gender Equality), and SDG 13 (Climate Action) since 2016.
We, the activists of YASD, have evolved as a youth cultural group and mandated social development work at grassroots right from the very outset. Our activists come from a very diverse socio-economic background and a common dream of sustainable and equitable living unify us very firmly. Thus, climate change, gender, and social justice remain overarching in all of YASD’s activities. Our campaign advocacy, interventions, research, and consultancy activities are on water, sanitation and hygiene, youth empowerment, climate change adaptation and mitigation projects, education promotion, child marriage protection, reproductive health of adolescent girls, and so on.
YASD’s Vision is a pollution-free, healthy, green, safer, and prosperous life for all.
MISSION: Build a climate-smart society. raise voices against all forms of discrimination against marginal groups. Shared with Public

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