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ZE Project

: 2020
Head of organisation
: Anne Laure PEDEGERT , CEO Fashion Theory
Contact Persons
: Mohammad Rofiqul Islam Royal
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About the organisation

ZE Project is a non-profits programme aiming to promote inclusiveness and employment opportunities for the Hijra, Trans, and Diverse Gender people living in Bangladesh from 2020.

Bangladesh is one of the 11 countries that acknowledged the existence of the Transgender community. They have been excluded from their basic employment rights due to ZE Project is working to create a skilled transgender workforce to address this unmet need

Our mission:

  • To bring awareness of diverse gender identities to facilitate their inclusion in society
  • To do skills mapping, promote training, self development into the diverse gender community
  • To push for job opportunities for diverse gender individuals and make them considered as equal in the global work force.
  • To create a worldwide program to encourage companies employing diverse genders.

Pathways to Achieve Our Goals:

  • Awareness session among employees (GO, NGO & others stockholders)
  • Provide Trans inclusive certification Training for employers
  • Capacity-building training for transgender individuals to develop needed skills.
  • Create a Human Resource pool to facilitate recruitment for Transgender, Hijra and Gender Diverse population.
  • Partnership with national and international stakeholders.
  • Facilitate Transgender recruitment for employers.
  • Create CV Bank for employees.
  • Create sponsorship for Trans, Hijra and Gender Diverse persons for their education

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