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Share-Net Bangladesh and Share-Net International

Share-net Bangladesh is the country hub of Share-Net International, a Knowledge Platform focusing on Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights (SRHR). The platform aims to contribute significantly to policy and program development in the field of SRHR in developing countries. The Share-Net Bangladesh is the first of its global node, drawing on the years of experiences and interventions by practitioners, researchers, and policymakers in the field of sexual reproductive health, especially placing at the center of human rights.

Share-Net Bangladesh aims to bring together this dynamic community of practice (CoP) that consist of social and medical researchers, development practitioners, government officials, legal experts, students, and members of vulnerable and under-served groups to engage with one another to find solutions and take critical issues forward. While Bangladeshi practitioners have been working on SRHR issues for an extensive period of time, creating best practices and generating knowledge through rigorous research, SRHR remains a possible thrust area in establishing greater human rights.
Key functions of the network include:

1. Establishing links with key national, global partners, stakeholders and networks working on SRHR

2. Sharing and stimulating the use of existing SRHR knowledge

3. Generating new knowledge to address priority research and intervention gaps

4. Disseminating knowledge through effective communication tools

5. Creating space for finding solution and supporting advocacy

6. Bridging the gap between all involved in SRHR policy and services

Share-Net Bangladesh is developed by RedOrange Media and Communications and JPG School of Public Health of BRAC University.


Our Vision

Share-Net Bangladesh aims to combine the expertise and strengths of practitioners in Bangladesh. Practitioners are independent individuals, field workers, health workers, and also professionals within ngo’s, universities, members of civil society organizations, research institutes and government institutions.Combining and sharing the knowledge available with these individuals and within the separate departments and organizations can multiply the impact of the gathered knowledge and experience over the years.

Our focus Share-Net aims to support sexual and reproductive health and rights for all the people of Bangladesh. Access to quality health care for reproductive health, comprehensive sexual education, freedom of choice and respect for the sexual needs and rights of women and sexual minorities are core issues.
The main vision of Share-Net Bangladesh is to build a country in which the Bangladeshi people realize sexual and reproductive health and rights.
The platform focuses on strengthening the role that knowledge can play in developing evidence-based policies and practices, among others in relation to the four core areas of Dutch policy on SRHR:

1. Better information for young people and greater freedom and freedom of choice about their sexuality

2. Improved access to reproductive health commodities

3. Better sexual and reproductive health care (during pregnancy and childbirth, including safe abortion)

4. Greater respect for sexual and reproductive rights of groups who are currently denied these rights

Share-Net Objectives

> Collect, preserve and disseminate available knowledge and tools

> Identify knowledge gaps

> Connect practitioners and organizations on themes

> Generate a conversation/discussion on SRHR issues

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