A food for thought on Women’s Equality Day 2021

Women’s Equality Day this year was an occasion to celebrate the brave and strong ladies from our past who raised their voice for the rights to break barriers of women to have the rights as human beings. The right to education, the rights to self-independence, the right to aspire for bigger dreams, the rights to participate in making decisions in places they belong, and many more just as their fellow male counterparts.

Even though women have the access to many of the rights now, it is a matter to think whether or not they really have the freedom to avail all of them. Does our society provide them the support like they do for the men? Are women in general able to step outside of the norms to bring new, positive changes into her life and the community without confronting the faces of judgments around them?

The recent affairs related to the female celebrities or celebrity-wives in our country express a lot about our societal mindset. Unfortunately, the media feeds this wicked mindset.

There is an urgent need to counsel and reform the negative mindset towards the women in our society. Changes can begin from the core, where the root of mindsets are built from. For example- families, schools and neighborhoods.

We can do our parts through small actions. Hand your children with inspiring stories of courageous women, talk openly at dinner tables giving importance to the girl’s opinion who is shy but willing, encourage girls in the family to participate in sports, debates, travelling, cycling, driving and so on – that would contribute to their strength, confidence and individuality as a person.

Yes, a lot of young parents these days are aware enough to raise their children with such open mindset. However, the number of such families are very small. On the other hand, when it comes to marriage, even the soundly educated people seem to show a shrunk mindset towards the strong, independent and ambitious girl. Behind closed curtains, it is mostly dirty gossips and rumors that take place about her.

Thus, there is a lot more to do in the core- to ensure a truly supportive and equal environment for women in our country, where women will feel safe, happy and free. If we want our daughters, grand-daughters to have an equal and supportive world, it is time that we begin by doing our parts responsibly.

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