SRHR Information for adolescents among minorities in Barisal

Three grassroots and outcast communities— Bede, riverside dwellers, and slum dwellers —are in conflict. Their socioeconomic status is worse than that of the majority of communities. Although SRHR is a multifaceted topic, their viewpoints on it are not yet fully developed. There is hardly any data indicating the level of SRHR knowledge that teenagers currently possess. The study attempts to comprehend their access to knowledge about SRHR and the appropriateness and sufficiency of such knowledge based on this research gap. Understanding the access to SRHR knowledge and understanding the sufficiency as well as the appropriateness of the study are two fundamental study topics that are addressed here.

Key Informant Interviews (KIIs) and Focus Group Discussions (FGDs) are used in this study as research instruments from a methodological perspective, while thematic analysis serves as the study’s analytical framework. This study’s thematic analysis led to the conclusion that marginalized and grassroots populations in Barisal have very low levels of knowledge. Their access to pertinent information is completely insufficient and neither appropriate. They have neither specific instructions nor a specific understanding; they are merely concerned that they are through a shift. This reality worries the important stakeholders. Yet, they ignore SRHR and focus more on poverty because of the lack of access to education and poverty. As a result, their major sources of information continue to be pornography and some hazy local history. This study recommends an all-encompassing strategy to intervention in light of this conclusion. This all-encompassing strategy must involve engagement from various stakeholders and a thorough knowledge. Due to the fact that current solutions, such family planning programs, can only partially address the knowledge issues. More specifically, the fraction of knowledge issue is concerned with methods of birth control or menstrual hygiene.

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