Adolescent friendly health corners in Bangladesh

This study carried out in five Maternal and Child Welfare Center (MCWC)s and Upazilla Health and Family Welfare Center (UHFWC)s between August and September 2016 to look at the newly established Adolescent Friendly Health Corner (AFHC)s in their premises.

The study contains some great insights as well as future areas of improvement. The study found that variation in the physical set-up of AFHCs impacts client access and privacy, it also highlighted that service providers are not dedicated for AFHC, so they have to shift between outdoor and AFHC.

Lack of adequate BCC materials at AFHC services was also highlighted at this time.

The study also showed there was much promise for AFHCs, despite the lack of awareness regarding AFHCs, unmarried adolescent girls are using AFHCs nonetheless.

Full article: Adolescent Friendly Health Corners (AFHCs) in Selected Government Health Facilities in Bangladesh: An Early Qualitative Assessment.

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