Association of consanguinity and deafness from birth

The study was done to see whether consanguinity in parents had an impact in hearing impairment of children.

This was a retrospective study were included 150 patients. They were subjected to complete audiological examinations. These pupils were collected from Integrated Pre-school for Hearing Impaired children (IPSHIC) of SAHIC, Mohakhali, Dhaka, Bangladesh.

The results showed that out of 150 Hearing impaired (HI ) children 30.0% (45) were from the consanguineous parents and 70.0% (105) from non- consanguineous parents. Also found 22.0% (33) had positive family history of hearing impairment.


Debnath, T.K., Jamal, M.N., Biswas, A.K., Rahman, M.W., Amin, M.N., (2014), Consanguinity and Hearing Impairment in a Deaf School, Bangladesh Journal of Otorhinolaryngology, 201420 (2), 60-65

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