Association between Education and Girl Child Marriage

Education is one of the prime aspect in reduction of child marriage. In this aspect, ensuring only primary education for girls is not enough. Secondary education is more protective strategy against child marriage.

In South Asia, the majority of girl child marriages occur. However, the rate of improvement in girl education is higher but the rate of reductions in child marriage is lower. This paper scrutinizes the levels of education related to female age at marriage over the previous 20 years across four South Asian nations- Bangladesh, India, Nepal and Pakistan.


Raj, A., McDougal, L., Silverman, J. G., & Rusch, M. L. (2014). Cross-sectional time series analysis of associations between education and girl child marriage in Bangladesh, India, Nepal and Pakistan, 1991-2011. PloS one9(9), e106210.

Photo Credit: Child marriage (DNA Research & Archives – Representational Image)

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