Be Your Daughter’s Superhero

When you were a teen, who was the first person you talked to about periods? 

Are you comfortable talking to your Dad about periods? Why or why not? 

Traditional norms, stigma and shame has created a culture where it is not normal for young girls and their Dads to talk about periods. This encourages the idea that periods are something to be ashamed of. To put an end to this, and to break the generational norm of period stigma, Wreetu developed a booklet and video series to normalise conversations about periods between Dads and their daughters. 

“Research shows that a good father-daughter bonding from an early age has a huge influence on girls’ self-confidence, self-esteem and plays a big role in achieving good academic results. However, during adolescence, many dads don’t always understand all the changes their daughters are going through. They can’t fathom when, with what or even how to bring up important topics-  like girl’s puberty and menstruation in friendly discussions.

This incomprehension, consciously or subconsciously creates a distance between the father-daughter relation. In this booklet and series- ‘My Dad is a Superhero’, this role gradually fades away from daughters’ minds and the fathers also accept it thinking this is normal.

But, if the fathers are a little more aware, then the whole backdrop transforms! Our booklet is for those dads who want to change this scenario.” 

This product was funded by Share-Net International, supervised by Share-Net Bangladesh and developed by Wreetu.

Download the Booklet: 

Watch the Series: 

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