Booklets for youngsters!

Youngsters, in particular those with disability are highly vulnerable. They are confronted with aggression and violence throughout society, with little protection against assaults. They often live in an environment in which Sexual Reproductive Health and Rights (SRHR) are neither addressed nor recognised. Niketan believes that access to information and services regarding SRHR is an entitlement for everybody to live a healthy life and make free and secure choices for their futures.

Niketan and Toitomboor developed the booklets Joya and Bijoy (a series of 5) targeting 10 – 14-year-old youngsters addressing gender, SRHR and disability issues. These are developed to stretch the simplest matters such as; get to know yourself, the role of gender, human growth and development, how to avoid sexual violence and harassment, and where babies come from. The booklets contribute to self-empowerment of youngsters and awareness raising on SRHR.

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“Niketan is a Dutch disability-organisation focusing on participation of children and youngsters with complex disabilities in Bangladesh”.

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