Call for Abstracts! – SRHR Knowledge Fair 2021

Share-Net Bangladesh is inviting abstracts for presentations at the 6th SRHR Knowledge Fair on 21st November 2021!


The theme of the 6th SRHR Knowledge Fair is ‘Climate Change and SRHR’. The theme reflects the need for addressing the impacts of climate change on the SRHR of people in Bangladesh who are victims of climate change, especially adolescent girls and women. Bangladesh being the 7th most vulnerable country affected by climate change, people not only struggle to survive and sustain, but also deal with the negative impacts on their sexual and reproductive health consequences of climate change.


We are inviting abstracts on following two topics-

  1. Child Marriage induced by Climate Change
  2. Climate Change induced Gender-Based Violence

Topic 1: Child Marriage induced by Climate Change
The discussions for this topic includes evidences supporting the connection between child marriage and climate change,, factors that trigger child marriage, plan for mitigating the challenge, role of government, non-government and recommendations for sustainable development connecting SDG 5 and other goals.

Topic 2: Climate Change induced Gender-Based Violence (GBV)
This session focuses on gender-based violence as an impact of climate change. The discussions for the topic includes finding evidence, nature of violence, factors connecting between climate change and GBV, call for action and strategy, recommendation for policy support etc.

Abstract Submission Guidelines

Basic requirement: To submit your abstract, firstly you need to be a member of Share-Net Bangladesh. If you are not a member yet, Click here to register yourself as a member.

The guidelines below must be followed to submit abstracts for oral presentation:

  • Maximum 700 words excluding references
  • Include references if needed
  • Abstract must include following four headings –
    • Background:

      Indicate the purpose and objective of the research, the hypothesis that was tested or a description of the problem being analysed or evaluated.

    • Methods:

      Describe the study period/setting/location, study design, study population, data collection and methods of analysis used.

    • Results:

      Present as clearly and in as much detail as possible the findings / outcomes of the study. Please summarize any specific results.

    • Conclusions:

      Explain the significance of your findings/outcomes of the study and future implications of the results.

Deadline for submission 

The last date to submit your abstract is Monday, 25th October 2021.

Submit Your Abstract Here

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