Knowledge and practice of SRHR among the population living in the Baunya-Badh slum

This report refers to the findings of a qualitative research on SRHR knowledge and practice among different groups (adolescents, adults and transgender community) residing in Baunya-Badh slum, Dhaka, carried out by … Read More »

Report on Strengthening Communication Strategies and Reducing Knowledge Gaps to Prevent Trafficking of Women

This study sought to identify information and knowledge gaps that act as push or pull factors in the trafficking of women, as well as gauge what communication strategies work and what … Read More »


Violence against women is a violation of basic human rights, but we still witness various forms of gender-based violence across the world. Deep-rooted societal norms, stigma, religious fundamentalism, and patriarchal culture … Read More »


South-East Asia region is a hub of child marriage in the world. It is estimated that about 150 million girls are at risk of child marriage by 2030 in South and … Read More »

Gender Based Violence Induced by Climate Change

Violence Against Women (VAW) is a common global phenomenon, happens both in the east and the west. There is a complex relationship between gender and climate change. Gender issues interface with … Read More »

Infertility in Policy and Practices

Approximately 8-12% of all couples are infertile worldwide. Infertility rates vary among different countries ranging from less than 5% to over 30% (Kumar and Singh, 2015). A global review of infertility … Read More »

Report on the Mapping of the Climate Change Related Vulnerabilities and Child Marriage in Bangladesh

Bangladesh has the third-highest rate of child marriage in the world, such that every year nearly four million girls are married before the age of 18. There are many factors responsible … Read More »

Menstrual Hygiene Management in Bangladesh: An Analysis of the MHM Interventions

According to the World Bank (2019), over 500 million women and girls globally live without adequate facilities of menstrual hygiene management. Menstrual Hygiene Management (MHM) is the key hygiene process for … Read More »

A systematic analysis of the effects of Child Marriage on SRHR in times of Climate Change and COVID-19

With an increasing trend of child marriage observed in recent statistics in Bangladesh, it is not only the pandemic and its multifaceted impacts, but the impacts of climate change that have … Read More »

Policy Review: SRHR for Unmarried Young People in Bangladesh

Young people of Bangladesh constitute one third of the entire population. To ensure their well-being, the Government of Bangladesh and the development partners have introduced and implemented a wide range of … Read More »