Research Paper: Bridging the Gap Between Mental Health and SRHR

A growing number of people are suffering from mental health issues around us. As an unhealthy mental state is not visible to bare eyes, it is often ignored or dealt with … Read More »

Intrafamilial Sexual Abuse in Bangladesh: A research roadmap for the way forward

With the initiative and support of Share-Net Bangladesh, two highly professional and accomplished researchers Dr. Sanzida Akhter and Md. Abu Naser has conducted the research on “Intrafamilial Sexual Abuse in Bangladesh: … Read More »

Adolescent Trouble: A Qualitative Study on MHM and Forms of Sexual Exploitation and Abuse among the Street Children in Dhaka City

In Bangladesh, a large population of children are living a childhood in the streets that is harshly different from an ideal environment for children. In some cases, groups of children who … Read More »

Research: SRHR Practice among the Adolescents with evidence from Dhaka city

Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights (SRHR) of Adolescents had been one of the less discussed/discovered issues until recently, at least in Bangladesh. Due to its sensitivity and varying standards from … Read More »

Policy Review: Breaking the Taboo: Menstruation in Bangladesh

In Bangladesh, menstrual hygiene is a taboo and heavily stigmatised subject to be discussed openly in public or even in the family. Taboo and misconceptions associated with menstruation cause women and … Read More »


This research was conducted by Sanjida Bintey Ali and funded by Share-Net Bangladesh. Bangladesh’s transgender community has been neglected for a long period of time. An estimated 10,000 of Bangladesh’s total population … Read More »


This research was conducted by Md. Arif Chowdhury and funded by Share-Net Bangladesh. Slum areas in Dhaka city is a cluster of dense settlements where the number of people is gradually … Read More »

Resources on COVID-19, SRHR and Gender

Since the outbreak of the novel coronavirus – COVID-19 – in Wuhan, China, thousands of new cases are being reported every day all over the world. Over recent months, we have … Read More »

Desk review on breast cancer

Preface This desk review titled ‘Breast Cancer – the disease: causes, consequences, treatment and stigma’ is issued by Share-Net Bangladesh secretariat and is funded by Share-Net International in the Netherlands. It … Read More »

Literature Review on Early Child Marriage

Child marriage is regarded as a violation of human rights by United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA) as it restricts education and future prospects for adolescent girls. The Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) … Read More »