Comparative Health System Costs of Menstrual Regulation and Care for Abortion Complications in Bangladesh

In developing countries like Bangladesh, unsafe abortion not only creates health hazards but also creates a significant financial drain on health system resources. Here, there is a substantial health system costs related to abortion-related mortality and morbidity. Thus, the government provided menstrual regulation as a backup to contraception.

This paper compares the economic costs of treatment of unsafe abortion complications and menstrual regulation care. The endowment of menstrual regulation prevents unsafe abortion, controls maternal morbidity and mortality, and saves scarce health system resources. Now more number of women can obtain menstrual regulation as the access has increased. At the same time, the overall health system resources are utilized more efficiently. By using the scarce resources to avert abortion related morbidity and mortality, Bangladesh’s menstrual regulation programs are very efficient. This can encourage policymakers in countries with high rates of unsafe abortion and related morbidity and mortality.


Johnston, H. B., Oliveras, E., Akhter, S., & Walker, D. G. (2010). Health system costs of menstrual regulation and care for abortion complications in Bangladesh. International Perspectives on Sexual and Reproductive Health, 197-204.

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