Discussion session on ‘Stop violence against persons with neuro-developmental disabilities’ was held

To develop the capacity, self advocacy, monitoring cell and protect the right of the persons with neuro-development disabilities; discussion session on ‘Stop violence against persons with neuro-developmental disabilities’ was held on 28th December at CIRDAP. This session was jointly organized by NDD ( Neuro-development Disability Protection Trust) and SEID(Society for Education and Inclusion of the Disabled).

During the session, the accessibility of the persons with disability, the drawbacks of the law to receive justice, reflection on the budget, inclusion of the persons with disability in the educational institutions, the use of the ICT, responsibility of the society and family and news on social media about the violence on persons with disability have been discussed.

Reflecting on the speech of the self advocates on different steps and measures taken by the government, the guests of the session talked about the education of neuro-developmental children, their capability of take decision and give opinion, their right to have property, violence and suppression and the responsibility of the NGOs and different partnerships to improve the condition of these people. The representatives of the organizations working with the persons with disabilities emphasized on the right implications of the laws and the collective measures to eradicate the problem. Shilamoni, self advocacy member of SEID discussed about various forms of discriminations on them and asked others to take active step to stop this.

MD fazle Rabbi Mia, Deputy Speaker of the parliament was present on the session as chief guest and Ranjan Karmakar, chairperson and human activist moderated the whole session.


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