“Don’t judge me based on my gender, judge me based on my work and abilities” – Hochemin Islam

Hochemin with Nazia Haque Orsha

Transgender actor Hochemin Islam, a Gender and Sexual Rights Activist and a nurse, is set to appear in the Eid special television drama, “Nuruler Shesher Kobita’. Directed by Nikul Kumar Mondol, based on a screenplay by journalist Limon Ahmed, the television drama will air during the Eid-ul-Adha holidays. In the drama, Hochemin Islam will portray the character Ranu.

Hochemin Islam is a Goodwill Ambassador for Transgender Rights at No Passport Voice and currently pursuing her higher studies in the Master of Public Health (MPH) programme at BRAC James P Grant School.

She developed a passion for television since childhood. According to her, as the people we see on the television have major influences on our lives, everyone has a certain fascination to be in television.

After coming to Dhaka from her hometown Bogura, Hochemin began her journey by breaking the barriers and establishing an identity of her own. She graduated in Nursing from TMSS Medical College in 2018 and later joined Square Hospital Ltd as a nurse. She has been an active frontline fighter during the ongoing pandemic. In fact, she attended the first coronavirus patient at Square Hospital and soon after that, she was diagnosed with the virus. When she recovered, she resumed her duty as a nurse.

“I was skeptical about working in this production since I had no prior acting experience,” expresses Hochemin. “The director, Nikul Kumar Mondol motivated me and encouraged me to be a part of this production and it has been a wonderful experience.”

During the shooting of ‘Nuruler Shesher Kobita’

“I was astonished to see everyone on set treating me as an equal; there was no discrimination, bullying, or harassment and everyone was very supportive and helpful.”

“I thought I would feel suffocated on set, but all the cast and crew made me comfortable, even when I made mistakes during the shoots, they motivated me and supported me,” she shares.

“I was in talks for a number of movies but due to various reasons they didn’t eventually happen. However, the drama ‘Nuruler Shesher Kobita’ that I have chosen has a beautiful storyline which made me work in it. I think if people are chosen on the basis of their qualifications and skills to work in different fields of media, then transgender people should get equal opportunities,” Hochemin told Bangla Tribune.

According to Hochemin, thousands of transgender dream to work on television. Unfortunately, due to the various barriers in front of them, they fail to achieve that dream. Hochemin’s debut on television works as a hope for all of them, as the space for the transgender community is slowly building in our society.

Source: The Daily Star and The Business Standard

Featured photo: Illustration from TBS

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