Effects of Spousal Violence on Health

Spousal violence against women is a severe issue of public-health. There are still numerous unaddressed area of violence; such as the prevalence of this violence, the risk factors, the consequences, and how to address the issue. This paper tries to organize and synthesize the empirical evidence on spousal violence against women in Bangladesh and to provide direction for both researchers and practitioners for future work in this area. It suggests that spousal violence against women is high in Bangladesh. The list of correlates is long and inconclusive. Although there is evidence on adverse consequences of this violence on health of women and their children, more research is needed to explore the multifaceted consequences of violence for women, children, families, and communities. Action research is needed to develop and test preventive and curative interventions.


Johnston, H. B., & Naved, R. T. (2008). Spousal violence in Bangladesh: a call for a public-health response. Journal of Health, Population and Nutrition, 366-377.


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