Eliminating Misconceptions Surrounding Menstruation

Menstruation is surrounded by various misconceptions which ultimately leads to limiting a young girl’s mobility which hampers her education and puts her future at risk. Some of the misconceptions are- a menstruating girl should not touch certain food items, should not go near cattle, must sleep separately, must not eat foods like milk and fruits as it will do harm. As a result, she cannot continue her daily activities easily. In the rural areas of Nepal, women and girls are made to sleep outside their homes in cattle sheds or in menstrual huts during their periods because they are considered impure. According to The New York Times, earlier this year a woman was killed by fire in a menstrual hut. She lit the fire to warm herself on a winter night of the Himalayas. Women are subject to extreme rules in different parts of the world in one form or the other because of her periods, which is a completely natural process of the human body.

In this animated video by Ritu, when a young girl’s mother and grandmother burdens her with new ways and rules, her neighbour comes forward to educate the family about menstrual health and menstrual hygiene. They tell the mother and grandmother that menstruation is completely normal and natural, and during her periods, a girl can do her daily activities normally. This video can serve as an effective tool to spread awareness among families in rural areas of Bangladesh.

Watch video: https://www.facebook.com/RituKothon/videos/426287371463162/ 


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