Empowerment and Unity: Toward an Inclusive Society Free from Repression

Collaborative efforts between government and non-government organisations are pivotal in addressing women’s oppression, sexual harassment, and child marriage. Urgent calls for social resistance and a unified movement underscore the need for a safer, more inclusive society.

This collective endeavour, involving government officials, development activists, and social watchdogs, was highlighted during a recent dialogue in The Public Library of Natore titled “Elimination of Women Repression, Sexual Harassment, and Child Marriage” on August 23rd, 2023.

The dialogue was organised as a part of ‘Young people at high schools strengthen women’s rights and inclusive governance in Bangladesh’ project, which is being implemented by DASCOH Foundation, a non-government organization and supported by NETZ Bangladesh.

Several representatives of the government- District Education Officer Muhammad Shahaduzzaman, Deputy Director of Department of Women Affairs Sharmin Shapla, Deputy Director of Department of Social Service Mustafizur Rahman, and Upazila Chairman Ishaque Ali participated in the dialogue.

Project Coordinator Enamul Haque Khan highlighted child marriage as a major violation of human rights. He called for urgent social networks, alliances, and legal assistance to combat violence against women. The dialogue called for social awareness and empowerment to free society from harassment and oppression.

Source: BSS News

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