Factors influencing maternal nutrition practices

Improving maternal nutrition practices during pregnancy is essential to save lives and improve health outcomes for both mothers and babies. This paper examines the maternal, household, and health service factors influencing maternal nutrition practices in the context of a large scale maternal, newborn, and child health (MNCH) program in Bangladesh. Women consumed calcium tablets less than adequate during pregnancy, and only half of them consumed an adequately diverse diet. Good nutrition knowledge was the key maternal factor associated with higher consumption of nutrients and diverse diet. Health service factors associated with higher intakes of IFA (Iron & Folic Acid) and calcium tablets were early and more prenatal care visits and receipt of free supplements. This study shows that improving knowledge, self-efficacy and perceptions of social norms among pregnant women, and increasing husbands’ support, early registration in prenatal care, and provision of free supplements will largely improve maternal nutrition practices.

Full article: Factors influencing maternal nutrition practices in BD

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