Family Violence in Bangladesh

Each and every society have this epidemic problem called violence against women. It is not only very difficult to find out the root of this issue but also very important.

In the context of Bangladeshi socioeconomic and cultural scenario, this book tried to draw a strong and comprehensive picture of the problem of family violence. The book describes some of the prevalent notions regarding family violence and stereotypes of violent couples and how these affect social perception of violence. It represents the statistical information collected from newspapers and police files. The book also presents an analysis of the interaction of several macro and micro factors which contribute to the maintenance and perpetuation of gender violence, by legitimizing and strengthening male dominance and/or increasing women’s powerlessness in family and society. It also describes the existing policies and actions undertaken by the government and other bodies to reduce violence and provide service to victims of violence. Finally, it summarizes the findings and offers some alternate strategies, which may be considered for future action for reduction of violence.


Jahan, R. (1994). Hidden danger: women and family violence in Bangladesh.

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