From Misinformation to Rights Violation: Fighting Censorship for Reproductive Health Equity

In today’s information-driven world, the censorship of accurate information on sexual and reproductive health rights (SRHR) by major tech corporations constitutes a significant obstacle to global health equity.

A recent report by MSI exposes a disturbing trend wherein Meta (parent company of Facebook and Instagram) and Google not only control the flow of information but actively censor crucial data while disseminating harmful misinformation.

Drawing from MSI’s programs across several countries, including Ghana, Kenya, Mexico, Nigeria, and Vietnam, the report reveals a concerning pattern of censorship and misinformation dissemination. Meta’s platforms have been identified as profiting from anti-abortion ads containing false or misleading claims, reaching millions of users in Ghana and Mexico. Simultaneously, Google’s failure to address fake clinics advertising in the Global South puts the safety and autonomy of numerous women and girls at risk.

This censorship has serious consequences, denying people access to reliable information about sexual and reproductive health rights. This makes it harder for them to make informed choices about their bodies and well-being. Whitney Chinogwenya, MSI’s Global Marketing Manager, highlights that correcting false information needs facts, but Meta and Google prioritise money over public health, causing harm and inequality.

The censorship of vital SRHR information doesn’t just take away people’s freedom to choose, it also keeps inequality alive and endangers lives. Therefore, we must demand accountability from Meta and Google.

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