Gender and HIV/AIDS: Bangladesh Perspective

Women are one of the fastest growing groups infected with the human immunodeficiency virus (HIV), and the disease is becoming increasingly common among young women. This paper attempts to focus on the gender dimension of HIV/AIDS in global perspective. In doing so, special attention will be given on the vulnerability of women to HIV/AIDS in Bangladesh. The vulnerability of male and female are influenced by societal factors such as gender roles, socio-economic environment, class differences, and prevalent ideology including cultural norms,values and attitudes. Due to the biological differences as well as sole and position in the society, the nature and range of suffering is also different for men and women.The picture is more evident where the male dominates the society. Available data substantiates that pervasive poverty and unemployment, frequent natural disasters, high mobility and migration, low socio-economic status of women and their trafficking, commercial blood donation and high prevalence of STIs has made women of Bangladesh vulnerable to HIV/AIDS.

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