More than half of adolescent population unaware of STDs

Adolescents are more vulnerable than adults of unplanned pregnancies, sexually transmitted diseases and HIV/AIDS. Among the adolescents, girls are more vulnerable to STDs including HIV/AIDS. Their knowledge about different diseases is very poor. This paper investigated adolescent’s knowledge about sexually transmitted diseases including HIV/AIDS, its mode of transmission and ways of its prevention.

Data was collected from 3362 female adolescents irrespective of their marital status by face to face interviews.

The study found that a large proportion of adolescents were not aware about sexually transmitted diseases and AIDS. More than half of the adolescents never heard about AIDS. On an average, about one tenth of them had better knowledge on AIDS in terms of mode of transmission and prevention.

Years of schooling and knowledge on STDs were important when it came to awareness about AIDS.

Useful and fruitful media campaigns to educate the adolescents regarding the health consequences of STDs including HIV/AIDS and integrated approach is strongly suggested for creating knowledge and awareness to control the spread of HIV and AIDS among young people in Bangladesh.



Rahman, M.M., Kabir, M., Shahidullah, M., (2009) ADOLESCENT KNOWLEDGE AND AWARENESS ABOUT AIDS/HIV AND FACTORS AFFECTING THEM IN BANGLADESH, Journal of Ayub Medical College 2009, 21 (3), pp.3-6

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