Health and Nutritional Status of Children of Adolescent Mothers

Children of adolescent mothers are likely to be more malnourished, have lesser opportunities for DPT immunization and have longer duration of hospitalization. Adolescent mothers were also more likely to be illiterate. Therefore, the development of preventive and therapeutic strategies will be required to reduce morbidity and improve the health and nutrition status of both children and their adolescent mothers.

The study aimed at assessing clinical and nutritional features and socioeconomic characteristics of the first birth-order children (1–48 months) of adolescent mothers.


Abdullah, K., Malek, M. A., Faruque, A. S., Salam, M. A., & Ahmed, T. (2007). Health and nutritional status of children of adolescent mothers: experience from a diarrhoeal disease hospital in Bangladesh. Acta Paediatrica96(3), 396-400.

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