Impact of Cyber Bullying on Adolescents

Internet has made our lives much easier and it has major advantages. However where there is advantages, there must be disadvantages too. In Bangladesh; with the increasing use of internet, cyber bullying is increasing massively which is an emerging threat for the adolescents.

In this digital era, the use of mobile phone and internet is increasing so various social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, WhatsApp etc. are gaining popularity day by day for social and personal communication. In these sites online spaces are so open and there is nothing like private. So anyone of any ages can be a victim of cyber bullying but girls are the worst victim of this deviant social crime and now a days. Girls are targeted mostly by licking their personal information, personal images or videos or simply by threatening them if there is any hostile relationship or rejection of love or sometimes there is no reason but just for his or her own intention who wants to bully other.

Computer and technology is the fabricator of cyber bullying and we believe that by computer and technology, this problem can be mitigated. A wide range of tactics and interventions are accessible but we need more assessment for the application of the strategies. Again, an effective legal framework is needed and the culture of maintaining law should be established. Individuals actions, family support, social supports, legal procedures, everything have a great part to act to mitigate the problem.


Monni, S. S., & Sultana, A. (2016). Investigating Cyber Bullying: Pervasiveness, Causes and Socio-Psychological Impact on Adolescent Girls. Journal of Public Administration and Governance6(4), 12-37.

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