Inclusion of parents necessary to mainstream sexuality education

The paper is an assessment from a right based perspective which was published on October 2010 and done by Plan (Asian Regional Office). The paper reflects the study on policies and strategies in sexuality education, focusing on the Asian countries where Plan has country Programmes. The study proceeds a rights based approach in sexuality education.

This paper reflected that school based sexuality education is one of the basic human rights. It is essential to prepare children and adolescents in order to lead a responsible and accomplishing life. In order to prevent HIV infection and safeguard their sexual and reproductive health, sexual education should be compulsory and available in every formal education institution. In making this school approach successful, parental participation is necessarily needed. In this way, students will become capable enough to safeguard their own health and well-being. Overall, for establishing improved sexuality education; governments’ laws, policies and strategic plans are significant.


Original Article:

Clarke, D. (2010). Sexuality education in Asia – Are we delivering. Plan.

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