Introducing SRHR to garment workers

SNV Netherlands Development Organization has come up with an unique model called the “Inclusive Business Model” which include clinics, garment factories and women workers to build their capacity to provide sexual and reproductive health care facilities to the workers. The health care professionals of clinics adjacent to garments factories are provided with funds and capacity building trainings so that they can offer sufficient services to these women. On the other hand, the garment factory management is consulted to work with the nearby clinics so that their workers can get proper health care facilities in due time and in affordable price.
So far, SNV has reached 20 garment factories and enabled them to provide sexual and reproductive health care facilities for 22,000 female workers. By providing quality services medical centres will be benefitted by getting healthy manpower and the production line of the industries will be increased to ensure workers to attain a healthy life.

Four million female workers are currently working in more than four thousand garment factories in Bangladesh, which is the lifeline of the country’s economy. Many factories are still negligent about this basic right of their workers. The government is requested to take necessary steps to encourage these initiatives and monitor this implementation.

Source: The Daily Star

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