Knowledge on AIDS among Female Adolescents in Bangladesh

Only one in six adolescents had ever heard of AIDS. Multivariate analysis revealed that knowledge on AIDS was strongly and positively associated with education of female adolescents and their husbands and varied significantly across different parts of the country. Knowledge on AIDS was higher among relatively older and urban residents who had access to television or radio and whose husbands were using condom. Strong efforts are needed to improve awareness and to clarify misconceptions about AIDS. Improved access to education, mass-media, and promotion of condom use could prevent AIDS among female adolescents in Bangladesh. To assess the knowledge on acquired immunodeficiency syndrome (AIDS) among female adolescents in Bangladesh, this study was done.


Khan, M. A. (2002). Knowledge on AIDS among female adolescents in Bangladesh: evidence from the Bangladesh demographic and health survey data. Journal of health, population and nutrition, 130-137.

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