Knowledge, Attitude and Practice of Maternal Healthcare

In order to reduce maternal and neonatal mortality, Bangladesh is facing an immense challenge. This is a global social agenda in the new millennium. This paper is based on a cross sectional descriptive study which was conducted in the unions of Sreepur Upazilla in March 2010 among 300 rural married women having at least one living child. The data of this study was collected through face to face interviews using a semi-structured questionnaire in order to assess the knowledge, attitude and practice on maternal health care of married women in Sreepur Upazilla. Practice on maternal health care also related to socio-economic condition of the rural women. Women in rural settings are vulnerable due to poor maternal health care and exposed to risk of pregnancy and child birth. Appropriate health education activities, encouraging institutional delivery and development of socio-economic status are key factors to improve our maternal health.


Shirin, S. (2011). Knowledge, attitude and practice of maternal health care amongst the married women in a rural area of Bangladesh. Ibrahim Medical College Journal5(1), 13-16.

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