Let’s Break These Myths About Periods!

  • Reproductive health is affected by irregular period

Your menstrual cycle may not have fixed timings every month and there can be different reasons for that. Go check with your doctor before you draw up conclusions on your reproductive well-being.

  • Rest in bed, when the “dead week” appears!

Though it is important to rest during the menstruation days, it is completely wrong if you do not move at all. Go for a light jog because a little exercise will help soothe your cramps.

  • Sexual intercourse should be avoided during menstruation

Just because you’re menstruating doesn’t mean that you can’t be physically involved with your partner. Just take the necessary protections.

  • Sour fruits should be avoided

You sure have been instructed once in your life to avoid fruits that are sour while menstruating. Tamarind and pineapple are said to worsen your cramps. Did you hear it from a doctor? Probably not.

  • Missing period means pregnancy

Delay in period is normal due to many reasons such as stress, hormonal changes and other life changes. But if it happens frequently, then see a doctor. Also, if you have had sexual intercourse and you are not menstruating, then take a pregnancy test.




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