Low number of prosecutions of rape cases

Irrespective of the number of rape incidents occur around the country, the report of rape is quite low due to the social stigma and the persecution. In last 14 years, about 46% rape cases have been filed in Dhaka court but the conviction rate is only 0.77%.  Five Women and Children Repression Prevention Tribunals in Dhaka have started dealing cases from 2003 within two years of the formation period, but they have failed to continue the prosecution to prove the charges. Between 2003 to 2013, out of 4,436 rape cases only 2,057 cases have been prosecuted successfully.

Lack of proper evidence, false investigation and lengthy procedure of the prosecution are the reasons of the incompletion of the rape cases.

Md Anisur Rahman, Deputy Commissioner of Dhaka Metropolitan Police’s Criminal Intelligence and Prosecution has said, 97% rape cases remain unreported.  Md Forkan Miah, special public prosecutor of Women and Children Repression Prevention Tribunal 4, has claimed that police also make false change sheet and sometimes doctors also give forged medical report.

Advocate Salma Ali of Bangladesh National Women Lawyers’ Association has said that many victims do not file the cases since they have to go through the process of proving allegation. Medical test is also not available around the country for the lack of forensic expert. The victim’s family also face threat and the unnecessary prolonged procedure results in withdrawal of the cases.

Source: Dhaka Tribune

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