Members from all around the globe come together to share knowledge

“Through this conference, we can come up with concrete evidence which will help us break the silence around infertility,” -Hilde Kroes, Consultant and participant at the Co-Creation Conference 

Researchers, doctors and experts from different parts of the world representing more than 50 organisations came together on 8th October 2019 to participate in the 3 day long Co Creation Conference titled ‘Engaging in Knowledge Translation Together’ by Share-Net International. The conference is taking place in Amsterdam, the Netherlands.  

Khadijeh Asadisarvestani, Assistant Professor, University of Sistan and Baluchistan (Iran) was a participant at the conference. She has been involved in SRHR from 2007 and is currently doing research on ‘Contraception for Women Suffering from Cancer.’ “I came to this conference to meet people from the SRHR field so that we can get to know each other and share our knowledge.” 

Experts discussed on the issues of ‘Breaking the Silence on Infertility’ and ‘Access to Quality SRHR services for people affected by fragility and crisis’ in two plenary sessions. The sessions were facilitated by Anke van der Kwaak, Senior Advisor, KIT Royal Tropical Institute. Detailed discussions and activities on the above mentioned topics will take place on the following days. 

Syed Saikh Imtiaz, Honorary Director, Centre for Men and Masculinity, is going to talk about the scenario of Infertility in Bangladesh at the conference. “I have been studying Infertility in Bangladesh for a very long time. I believe that through this conference, I will be able to expand my network and learn new knowledge and perspectives towards infertility from a global context,” he said. 

The 3 day long event promises to build new knowledge products that will enable practitioners, experts and advocates to move forward with clear and concrete evidence to influence policy makers and government in important decision making processes. 

More to come….

Picture: Lindy van Vliet, head of health Unit, KIT Royal tropical Institute welcomes all the participants

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