Men involvement in menstrual hygiene interventions

Women’s ability to access basic rights like livelihood and education is linked with the social perceptions and practices.  Women’s SRHR issues influence on how they can and are allowed to avail these basic services.  Myths, taboos, and malpractices related to menstruation often restrict girls from getting proper nutrition, medical services and care. Menstruation is always considered as female’s issues and men fail to realize this feminine issue is highly influenced by their perceptions, their rules for women and lack of their supports. This is why it is very important to include men and boys in such issue. There are many researches on men involvement in menstrual hygiene interventions. They can support women and girls to manage menstrual hygiene effectively across different social domains including household, community, school, and work.

‘Ritu’ project aims to improve Menstrual Hygiene Management (MHM) in Bangladesh. It is important to include men since they play important roles in the patriarchal society.

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