Momtaz advocates for Early Married Girls

Momtaz Begum stars in a music video by Image PLUS (Initiatives for Married Adolescent Girls’ Empowerment). The song ‘Phuler Naam-e Naam’, contains a strong message which narrates the emotional and psychological damage that early marriage does to an adolescent girl. The video shows a little girl’s simple dream of going to school getting shattered. Her table which was initially occupied with books and pens is replaced with wedding clothes and ornaments. 

This video serves as a wake up call for parents who are eager to push their adolescent daughters into marriage, but are ignorant of the consequences. It also builds awareness among the general people. While we campaign for the prevention of early marriage, we tend to forget about those girls who are already suffering as a result of getting married early. This song tells the stories of thousands of girls in Bangladesh who were married as a child. 

Music serves as a powerful tool to reach the masses. It is a vessel which carries messages in its lyrics. With the right message and tune, music can help touch the hearts of thousands of people and inspire them to think differently about issues that already exist in front of them. 

This music video, ‘Phuler Naam-e Naam’, was produced by RedOrange Media and Communications

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