Addressing the Loopholes of Female Education: A Study on the SSC and HSC Level Students of Rural Bangladesh

Holistic development of a country requires diligent participation from every section of people regardless of race,class or gender. In this respect, female education is considered as a dynamic ladder for human resource development in the truest sense. This study aimed at revealing the loopholes of female education among the secondary and higher secondary level female students in rural Bangladesh. This qualitative research followed a semi-structured way of interviewing the participants who were basically the female students of SSC and HSC level and some other persons associated to their education. The participants were primarily chosen from Shariatpur district and Madaripur district of central Bangladesh as the representatives of rural areas. The findings of the research revealed a number of barriers faced by female students including familial inclination to female education, lack of social awareness, financial insufficiency, misinterpretation of religious values, sometimes the psychological ignorance of the students themselves as well. This research also shed some light on the reduction of the obstacles. It recommended some crucial moves like the initiation of educational workers, enough financial assistance, ensuring moral and religious support etc. to smoothen the way to female enrichment through education. 

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