Parents’ attitude towards sex education in Bangladesh

Bangladesh government introduced sex education in the textbooks. The research team looked at parents’ attitude to inclusion of sex education in the textbooks.

The study examined the attitude of Bangladeshi parents’ regarding inclusion of sex education in school curriculum of Bangladesh. Using 21 topics of comprehensive sex education, parents were asked to explore which topics they believed should be taught in schools. The study also assessed the relationship between the parents’ demographic characteristics (residence, sexual orientation, religious belief, occupation, and educational background) and their attitude towards sex education. The study found that 48.3% parents support sex education whilst 25% parents did not support sex education and rests were found neutral position among 120 sampling size. Most of the parents supported the topics of sex education which were mostly value and culture oriented instead of the knowledge of sexual intercourse, abortion, taking protection for premarital sexual activity etc. Moreover, form Chi-square test the study found that there had significance difference between the attitude of parents towards inclusion of sex education and their residence, occupation or educational background.

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