Podcasts from Amplify Change to help you with your funding proposals

Writing proposals to apply for a fund can be a pretty daunting task. Amplify Change, a fund that supports civil society organisations (CSOs) for advocating for improved sexual and reproductive health and rights (SRHR) has released podcasts to help you prepare your application.

Episode One: Money, Money, Money part 1: how to ensure your funding applications have the best chance of success

Funding applications take time and effort, and despite all your hard work don’t always succeed. But what can you do to ensure that your application has the best chance of success? Listen to AmplifyChange’s podcast to find out. 

Host Halima Zaid talks to successful fundraisers, Jacqueline Carine Samuels, Executive Director of Covenant Foundation for Girls (COFGIRLS), Liberia and Tawina Jane Kopa-Kamanga, Founder and Director of Teams Advancing Women in Agriculture, Malawi who share advice, top tips, and mistakes to avoid.

Episode Two: My voice is strong and loud: the power of using storytelling in your work

Everyone wants to make their message stand out from the crowd, but how do you do this when people are bombarded with new information every day? One way is to use storytelling.

Storytelling is an incredibly powerful tool in advocacy: it can break down taboos and bring messages alive. Delivering stories to your audience in a compelling and memorable way can help people relate to what is being said and will help them remember your message long after other information has been forgotten.

In the second episode of the AmplifyChange podcast host Halima Zaid talks to Nawejje Doreen Mayanja, a Ugandan woman living positively with Albinism from Human Rights for Women and Girls with Disabilities (HURIWD) Uganda, and Ondiege Matthew, Artistic Director of Dance Into Space (DIS), one of Kenya’s leading contemporary dance choreographers, to hear how they use storytelling in their work. 

Episode Three: Using networks and building key relationships to achieve change

Building a network and identifying key relationships is an essential part of building a movement. But how do you go about identifying the relationships to build and what are the main challenges? Can groups like volunteers help you as you build your network and what are the three key things you need to know before you start to build or extend your network?

Both of today’s guests have extensive experience in these areas and share their top tips and suggestions as they talk to host, Halima Zaid. Chioma Ike, is the Executive Director of Circuit Pointe, an NGO focused on women and girls’ empowerment and rights in Nigeria. Zia ur Rehman is the founder of AwazCDS-Pakistan, a rights based approach organisation which has been helping to empower of marginalised communities across Pakistan since 1995.

Listen in as they share their experience to help make your job easier.

Episode Four: Money, Money, Money part 2: finding new sources of funding

Organisations need on-going funding to make their programmes and activities sustainable, but how do you go about finding new sources of funding and what’s the best way to approach new donors? Also, can securing one bit of funding, like an AmplifyChange opportunity grant, be used to help leverage other larger funding? The guests in this episode will share their experience, insights and tips to help make finding new sources easier and give your fundraising activities a boost.

Host Halima Zaid talks to successful fundraisers, Jade Maina, Executive Director of the Trust for Indigenous Culture and Health (TICAH), Kenya, and Lucky Nwachukwu, advisor to the Youth Network for Community and Sustainable Development, Nigeria.  

Episode Five: How using radio, theatre and other media can create change

Why are radio and other forms of media like films and social media such good channels to use when trying to change social norms? What are the six key elements that you need to consider when using these types of channels? What is interactive theatre and how can you use it with your different target audiences? All of these questions and more are answered in this podcast.

Host Halima Zaid talks to Mbathio Diaw Ndiay, Executive Director of Reseau Africain pour l’Education et la Sante (R.A.E.S), Senegal and Umba Zalira, Social Inclusion and Learning Manager at Theatre for a Change, Malawi, about their work and how they have used radio, drama, social media and more to create change.

Episode Six: From networks to movements: critical learning from Somaliland, Puntland and Zimbabwe

In this, the final podcast in the series, we look at the learnings from some recent research that can help your network or movement wherever you are in the world. Find out how you can build consensus for change and what can happen when you don’t; how data can help you shape your advocacy campaign and why framing your messages is key.

Host Halima Zaid talks to Suad Ibrahim Abdi, a senior researcher and civil rights activist from Somaliland; Professor Sununguraui Chingarade, a research consultant from Zimbabwe, and Sahra Ahmed Koshin, senior gender research consultant and founder / director of the Somalia Gender Hub.


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