Recognition of a Third Gender

Historically, the controversy regarding the recognition of the transgender people in the society is going on.  They are forced to live under the cover of a conflict between man and woman. The transgender people are like this due to their physical structure by birth, not by their choice. They are deprived of all enjoyments which every human being have a right to avail. The trans people raised their voice throughout the World, resulting the activism of the judiciary as well as the legislature. Their battle resulted by getting the recognition as a third gender in most of the countries. Now they are free to have an independent identity. The trans have to continue their fight for recognition not only legally but also socially. All they want is to live a dignified life.

This paper analyses the position and recognition of the transgender people in countries all over the world. In Bangladesh, after extensive fight for recognition, the government policy announced on November 11, 2013 which identified hijras as a separate and distinct gender from the binary norm on all official documents, including the passports. The new legislation has been created in order to address discrimination faced by the Hijra community. Although they have had the right to vote since 2009, but it wasn’t practically available until the end of 2013 when actually their gender identity was given a legal status.


Mohanty M. (2014). Recognition of a Third Gender-A Way Forward. Global Journal for Research Analysis, Volume-3, Issue-7.

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