Right to Education of The Third Gender of Bangladesh

The term third gender is commonly known as Hijras in Bangladesh. They are severely isolated and marginalized group of people in our society. Since the ancient time, hijras have been a fundamental part of the society. However, it is very ill-fated that their existence has always been in poverty, illiteracy, hatred and mockery. Till now, they are living in the shadow of rejection from each and every basic right. Hijra communities of this country are completely excluded from the right to education. Without the right to education it is tough for them to survive in this country with respect, self-esteem and substantial life. In this aspect, the government can come forward to ensure education for hijras.

This paper focuses on the issue of our education system being not so compatible for the hijra people. Unfortunately, such issues are only explored and researched whereas no strong step is taken to change the scenario. Hijras are human beings who have equal rights like any other human being. Negative attitudes towards them have taken them even far away from the society. Without access to education, the voting right is of no use. The paper highlights the steps which can be taken by the authority in order to ensure education for hijras. Through ensuring education for hijras, their inner capacities can be brought out in light and utilized.


Md. Akramul Islam. (2016). Right to Education of The Third Gender of Bangladesh: An overview. IOSR Journal Of Humanities And Social Science (IOSR-JHSS) Volume 21, Issue 9, Ver. 7, PP 29-34.


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