Secured future for the adolescent girls

Around the world, the adolescent girls face  lots of vulnerabilities like gender inequality, malnutrition, child marriage and teen-age pregnancy. About 600 million girls around the world disappear form International Development agenda. To emphasize the security and better future for the adolescent girls, this year the theme of International Girl Child Day has been selected as ‘The power of the adolescent girls: Vision 2030’.

According to UN, ‘Every 10 minutes, somewhere around the world, an adolescent girl dies as result of violence. In humanitarian emergencies, gender based violence often increases, subjecting girls to sexual and physical violence, child marriage, exploitation and trafficking’.

In Bangladesh, girls still face many forms of discrimination in the society. Many families still prefer son over daughters since they believe, girls do not generate income and cannot take care of the older parents as they go to their in-law’s house after marriage. For this, they are married off at early age and drops from the school at early age. They face unintended pregnancy and many die while giving birth. Those who survive, suffers from malnutrition. In this way, they are felt out from the income generation and cannot contribute in the society in spite of having potential.

Adolescent girls face lots of insecurities and lack of safety in the society. They face sexual, physical, mental and economic insecurity. Their body is objectified and they face lots of sexual harassment. They encounter violence in in the public place and in the workplace. In past few months, many girls have experienced many violent incidents like rape and murder.

It is important to have discussion and necessary endeavors to improve the condition of the girls around the country. The government and policy makers should take initiatives and implement those to engage girls in creating better world.




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