Sexual Harassment in Public Places

Cases of sexual violence are increasing every day all over the world. We sit helplessly in the comfort of our homes, read about these gruesome occurrences but hardly raise our voice, hoping the government and the law enforcement will do their work.

Women are not safe in educational institutes, workplaces, public transports and unfortunately not even in their own home among their own people.

A survey was conducted by NGO Action-Aid in seven cities over a period of two months on around 1200 people, both men and women.

The report said: “Women are sexually harassed more in public places including public transports. Eighty-four percent women interviewed faced unexpected comments and indecent behavior”.

“Fifty percent women were given indecent proposals and 57 percent were subjected to unexpected touches.”

The study further stated that victims hardly shared incidents of their torment to anyone unless the case was very severe.

According to an article by The Daily Star issued at February 15, 2018, it was reported that at least 17 women were either gang raped or raped inside public transports across the country in the last 13 months.

A report by Bangladesh Jatri Kalyan Samity stated that nine out of seventeen women were gang raped by drivers of buses. Most of the victims did file cases except one and 55 probable people related to the crimes were arrested. The list was prepared by the organization based on media reports.

Recently an article issued by The Daily Star, reports a case of harassment of a university student, who was travelling in “Turag Paribahan.” The victim saved herself by jumping off from a running bus and got injured in the process.

Ain O Salish Kendra’s, 2016 Report on Sexual Harassment reported that 156 women were sexually harassed and among them, six ended their life and seven were murdered because they dared to protest,138 women got injured by the sexual attacks.

Women face different kinds of violence being unaware of the rights and legal provisions against violence. On top of that, given the conservative traditional environment, victims of public violence tend to suffer in silence.

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