Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights of Female Workforce of Garment Industries

The female workforce of garment industries in Bangladesh face several health problems and safety issues on daily basis. The environment of the industries, their residential environment, working condition, age, problem of health, causes of diseases, causes of fire accident and their medical facilities are the common problems these female workforce face. There is not enough congenial and hygienic working atmospheres in industry. On the top of that, there is sexual harassment by lineman, supervisor and manager to the female workers. Even the workplace don’t have enough toilet or washroom facilities and pure water drinking and washing for female workers. Additionally, there is also discrimination in wages fixation and other facilities between male & female workers. Unfortunately, the female in garment industries does not enough maternity leave for female workers or any weekly holiday for them; even if they do have the holidays, those are without pay. There is no option for the female workers to have some recreation time for workers or baby care center for their children.


Akhter, S., Salahuddin, A. F. M., Iqbal, M., Malek, A. B. M. A., & Jahan, N. (2010). Health and occupational safety for female workforce of garment industries in Bangladesh. Journal of Mechanical Engineering41(1), 65-70.

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