Sexual Violence towards Married Women in Bangladesh

Sexual violence is an alarming issue of our society. In Bangladesh, sexual violence is more frequent and severe towards married women by a male intimate partner than stranger. In rural areas, the incident of sexual violence is higher than in urban areas. These married women are abused by husbands more than once. There is more possibility of sexual violence towards a women by her husband, when there is history of husband’s mother being abused by his father. Dowry is another major issue in terms of sexual violence.

This paper discovered the extent and type of sexual violence in married women. In terms of urban and rural Bangladesh, it also tries to explore the issues related to physically forced sex by husbands. This paper reveals that the society needs prevention programs targeting men. There is an intergenerational flow of sexual violence. In these male targeted programs; gender equality, women’s sexual rights, women’s right to consent and choice are widely promoted particularly among men.


Naved, R. T. (2013). Sexual violence towards married women in Bangladesh. Archives of sexual behavior42(4), 595-602.

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