Share-net International TedTalk on SRHR

TedTalk on Young People as SRHR Researchers, organized by Share-net International.

Tasneem Kakal, Junior Researcher at KIT, spoke at an independently organized TedTalk event on the end of Youth Week (Sept 26-30) explaining a range of interrelated topics such as relationships, contraception, teenage pregnancy and SRHR concepts.

Kakal stressed on the imminent need to capitalise on young people who are newcomers to this field, and also exchange ideas on the topic. She also said that the aim is to link comprehensive sexuality education and youth friendly health services to broader discussions on gender, gender-based violence and sustainable development.

Share-net International, the partner organization, works through advocacy and research by sharing the best practices, learned from one another’s experience and developed new strategies and collaborations.

The event consisted of an attending 260 people from over 40 different organizations.

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