Share-Net International’s Annual Global Meet

Share-Net International and Share-Net Netherlands recently came together for their global meeting on 25 February, 2016, following up with high level meetings at the Foreign Ministry Affairs of the Netherlands for the Share-Net Bangladesh, Burundi and Jordan teams on 26 February, 2016.  Share-Net International is constituted by a high level steering committee based in Amsterdam with membership from organisations such as University of Amsterdam, Radboud University, Rutgers Institute, and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.  Along with the steering committee, there are three country nodes – Share-Net Bangladesh, Burundi and Jordan, whereby the Bangladesh one is currently the oldest knowledge network having been in operations for almost two years.

The different knowledge nodes presented to the larger Share-Net International and Netherlands members on the ground level realities and achievements in operating and managing SRHR virtual platforms.  Different countries have varying challenges that create barriers in certain aspects of SRHR work while at the same time creating opportunities in other areas of the broad theme.  The business meeting served as an effective platform to present to the larger Share-Net audience on country-specific experiences in piloting Share-Net but also the SRHR focuses and priorities in the three different countries in three different regions.

Share-Net International is part of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs’s commitment to ensuring greater knowledge and information on SRHR in these three regions.  The Share-Net teams were able to present to high level officials on the effectiveness of the platforms in the three different country and a real need for SRHR platform in Bangladesh, Burundi, and Jordan.

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