SN-BD Team attending the International Learning Session, at Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

The month kicked off with a delightful international session for Share-Net Bangladesh. As part of the Share-Net International Rapid Improvement Model (SHIRIM), the Share-Net Bangladesh (SN-BD) team participated in the 4th International Learning Session at Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. Along with other international Share-Net hubs like SN Burkina Faso, SN Burundi, SN Columbia, SN Jordan, SN Netherlands and SN Ethiopia itself, Bangladesh attended the week-long session gathering many learnings, knowledge and practices. 

During the 2022-23 tenure of SHIRIM, SN-BD produced several Knowledge Products: a policy brief on Climate Change & SRHR and a desk review to generate evidence, and recommendations to include SRHR in the national adaptation plan on Climate Change. These Knowledge Products made policymakers and authorities aware of the interlinkages between climate change and poor sexual reproductive health and rights violations.

SN Bangladesh team successfully shared the products and deliverables with fellow hubs. 

Mr Arnob Chakrabarty, Project Director of Share-Net Bangladesh & Managing Director of RedOrange Communications, took two sessions at the learning session- one on Non-verbal Communication and another on Social & Behavior Change Communication. He also shared the sustainability plans for SHIRIM and Share-Net.

Through these sessions, other hubs were made aware of the value of nonverbal communication by SN Bangladesh. We must keep in mind that our communication is heavily influenced by our physical qualities, facial expressions, touch, and proximity to other people. The tone, tempo, and volume of the audio offer another dimension. SN Bangladesh team on SBCC shared the models of SBCC and framework. The stages of SBCC and the importance of SBCC training through a systematic process, helps in developing positive influence behavior of individuals.

Likewise, other International Share-Net hubs shared their activities, and achievements through the SHIRIM tenure, and these led to the last SHIRIM journey.

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